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:: Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix


Products Advantages:

  • One step production.
  • Quick preparation.
  • Stable quality for finished product.


Wheat Flour – Sugar – Starch - Salt - Cocoa Powder- Emulsifier – Baking Powder

Directions for use:

-Pour all ingredients in a bowl & mix with electric mixer for 8 – 10 min.

Basic Recipe:

Fudge Cake Mix: 1000 gm.
Eggs 410 gm.
Oil 190 gm.
Water 280 gm.

Baking Conditions:

Baking Temp. 180 °C
Baking Time 75-90 min.

Expiry Date:

One year from production date. (below 20° C)

Gross Weight:

10 Kg approx.

Storage Conditions:

Keep in cool and dry place away from direct sun light (below 20° C)