About Quality Target Company

Founded in 2003 located in Borg El-Arab city

Quality Target specializing in the production of bread improvers and the raw materials of candy products such as:

  • Cake Improver (Super Gel & Champion)
  • Bread Improver (Super Bagels, Bagels & Big Bake
  • Glazing Jelly (8 different kind of it: Red, Yellow, Green, Mango, Apricot, Caramel, Chocolate, Transparent)
  • Chocolate Raw Materials (Covrtora)
  • Cream Patisserie
  • Cream raw materials (with sugar & without)
  • Premixes:
    • Chocolate, Vanilla & Spicy Pound Cake Mix
    • Sponge Cake Chocolate & Vanilla
    • Doughnut Premix
    • Muffins Chocolate & Vanilla
    • Brownies

By using the highest equipments and Technology in producing the improvers with the consideration of the Food Safety & Health; the company depends on a qualified and trained team work who own a high rate of experience in manufacturing, furthermore the training courses that applied by the company in order to enhance employees qualifications.

Nowadays the company seeking to produce a large amount of its products via the new production for the local market and preparing for export these products and international competition as well.

Moreover, the company will provide the best raw materials used in global manufacturing and the latest formula for the performance of a highly efficient and competitive force in this changing market. The company also produces for the purpose of storage, so as to provide for the needs of the capital goods market.